Clinical Proof Propecia Works

Everyday seems to bring a new treatment that claims to prevent hair loss in men. In reality, there is one government-approved treatment for male-pattern baldness that has undergone rigorous scientific testing to verify its effectiveness. The 5-year clinical study of Propecia proves it works for the majority of men who use it.

Stopping Hair Loss

This study showed that taking this medication can stop hair loss. Of the men using the drug, 9 out of 10 of them had visible results of hair loss based on before and after photographs. An independent panel of experts reviewed these photographs to compare pictures of study participants. The majority of men themselves reported improved appearance because loss of hair had slowed or stopped altogether.

Growing New Hair

Based on the study, 2 out of 3 men who used this medication actually grew new hair. This was verified by hair count. This is in stark contrast to the men in the study on the placebo. Every single one of them lost hair while in the clinical study. While not all men who take this drug will grow new hair, it is an added benefit to those who do experience it. New hair is natural looking and often thicker than original hair strands. This means your hair will look healthier with Propecia.

Ending Treatment

If the drug has not worked within twelve months, it is unlikely to be a successful treatment option for you. And when it does work, studies show that long-term use of this drug is required to maintain hair. Men who stopped taking the drug frequently lost any hair they gained within one year of ending treatment. At this point, hair loss will continue to progress.

Propecia has only been approved to treat hair loss in men. Women should not take this medication for any reason. And it is intended for men who have male-pattern baldness, not other types of hair loss. If you have lost hair for other reasons, ask your doctor about other treatment possibilities. But if you are experiencing hair loss and believe it is due to genetic male-pattern baldness, taking Generic Propecia can begin to block further hair loss.