The number of males facing the problem of hair fall is going on rising. A fact that most of the males are unaware about is that if it is not controlled at the first stage, then it can give dangerous results. It is shown by different studies that a tablet known as Propecia is excellent for controlling the hair fall. Loss of hair is progressive so it is good to start the treatment when the hairs have been just started to fall. It is suggested by the dermatologists that as earlier you will start taking Propecia you will find better results. It has been shown by a clinical study of five year that Propecia is really beneficial for solving the hair fall.

There are several results that show that several males have got benefits by consuming this particular medicine. Many males visit the dermatologist with a problem of hair fall. All of them are said to consume Propecia as it really solves the issues and that too at a fast rate. As all the medicines have their own procedure and time limit, in the same manner Propecia also shows benefits in a fixed period of time after consumption. A man should keep one important thing in their mind that they will not achieve better results if they take Propecia more than once per day.


There are some men who are restless and wants to solve this issue as fast as they can, so in such situations it is seen several times that they start consuming the medicine more than one time in a day. This should be totally avoided. Consumption of Propecia more than one time each day can cause several side effects.

A study showed that within two years the total number of males who had hair regrowth was 66% and 33% of the males did not loss a single hair. In this particular study, the total percentage of males who still faced the difficulty of hair fall was only 1%. With the help of this particular study we can understand the benefits of Propecia (Finasteride). There are several studies and cases which will help one find the results of consuming Propecia. According to a clinical study that continued for five year showed the success of Propecia. The result showed that nine out of ten males who had eaten Propecia had noticeable results. There were mainly two results. One was they did not had a hair fall and the other was they found new hair growth. This result is evident by the photos by a group of dermatologists. Men who had taken Propecia were considered as improved by the dermatologists and doctors. Men who took this medication stated that their baldness was reduced and the loss of hair was reduced and moreover the appearance of the hair also improved.

For achieving better results, a male needs to continue this medicine for a time period till when they want to grow hair. It is suggested by dermatologists that an individual should continue consuming Propecia for a time period of one year for finding that it is working or not. You should continue taking it for best results. The rate of hair growth varies from men to men.