Propecia FAQ

When a male finds that he is going through hair loss, several questions strike their mind. They might get worried by thinking that how can they suffer from this particular problem. Most of the people confidently say they will not be affected by this problem because their parents have good hair. But this is not true with everyone. Although it is true that hair fall can be hereditary but there are also some cases where a person’s hair losses due to the health problems.

When a man knows about this particular issue, he first needs to contact a dermatologist who will solve this problem. It is seen many times that the males who are tensed due to their hair loss asks several questions to the doctors. Finding answers to these questions are very important as with these questions one will get a clear idea about their problem. For getting a proper treatment and achieving the best results, one should know the reasons behind the hair fall.

Some of the frequently asked questions by males when they detect the hair loss are mentioned below:

The first common question asked by several men is will I suffer from this particular problem in my future days? This particular issue affects near about 60% of men living in America. Losing hair is a general problem withseveral males. In fact according to a survey it is seenthat the number of bald males in the country is rising.

So are you having a hair fall? If yes then you will be relieved by seeing that you are not alone. Losing hairs by males starts from the teenage, when a man completestwenty and thirty. As the age grows the speed of hair loss also increases.

The second question asked by males is the reason that causes hair loss? Scientists say that these cases occur because of the hereditary problems or due to DHT.

As the scientists mention DHT, another question comes in the mind of the males that explain DHT. DHT is a matter that is present within the body that causes the reduction of the follicles till new hairs are not produced.

This also leads to a reduction in the total figure of visible hairs. When a doctor suggests taking Propecia for reducing theloss, then the question that strikes one’s mind is what is the procedure in which the Propecia works. This particular medication lessens DHT which is known to be themain reason for hair loss. It does this by blocking the DHT formation on the scalp. By lessening the proportion of DHT it results in slowing down the shrinking.

This tablet helps in growing new hair and alsoreduces the hair fall. The success story of Propecia is shown by the several studies in which it is shown that huge numbers of males in the age between twenty and forty has seen benefits of Propecia.

Another question related to this matter is when I should begin taking Propecia (Finasteride). A male should start taking this when the problem is at its first stage.