Side Effects

As other medicines, Propecia also causes serious side effects. However, it is not mandatory that everyone consuming Propecia suffers from severe side effects. In fact, it is seen that most of the people tolerate the side effects easily. Most of the common side effects caused by Propecia are minor which means that they either need no treatment or can be easily treated by the doctor. Here, you will come across some of the common side effects caused by Propecia.

This medicine has undergone several researches and has been studied in the clinical trials. In the clinical studies, the side effects affecting the number of people consuming this medicine was compared with those who did not consume Propecia. This way the researchers found the side effects by Propecia. They not only found the side effects of this medicine but how often they take place and many other things.

Depending on the studies, some of the common side effects caused by Propecia are:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Impotence
  • Decrease in amount of ejaculation

Apart from the side effects mentioned above, there are some rare but possible side effects caused by Propecia. Some of them are: Allergic reactions like itching, skin rashes, unexplained swelling in the lips, face, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, itching, hives, breast tenderness or enlargement of the breast, testicular pain and many more. Males might experience some of the adverse effects mentioned above. Unfortunately, a healthcare provider will not be able to tell if you are going to suffer from any side effects by Propecia or not. Therefore, you should inform your doctor immediately when you come across some side effects. This is said so because the side effects might not be because of Propecia, so the doctor will diagnose the real cause behind the side effects.

People who have consumed Propecia have experienced mild side effects like slight itching, loss of the libido, sensitivity of the sex organs, depression and mental confusion. Another factor related with the adverse effects of Propecia that should be considered is that it was found that when some people stopped consuming this medicine, they did not experience instant reversal of symptoms. Some of the people reported that they continued taking Propecia for nearly two years but did not suffer from any side effects. These effects are due to the obstruction of DHT. This disturbs the balance between androgens and estrogens causing the female features to become prevalent.

The side effects caused by Propecia should be taken seriously and should be treated immediately. Even if the studies organized by the company which manufactures Propecia have found nearly 2% occurrences of side effects one should know about the side effects before consuming any medicine. If you know about the side effects by Propecia, you can treat them at a right point of time, without waiting for the side effects to get worse. If you are planning to consume Propecia but worried about the side effects then there is nothing to get worried as all the severe side effects caused by this medicine can be treated.